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High School



The best preparation for your life and the entrance to university happen in our classrooms

The Anáhuac High School is unique

High school with an international university system

Anáhuac High School stands out from the rest for being the only high school with an international university system with values and a vision of comprehensive training. It aims to form upright Christian leaders that renew society and develop themselves free and mature according to their age, who achieve academic excellence and are committed to searching the truth.

We are certain that the best preparation for your life and entrance to university happens in our classrooms, since only the Anáhuac High School can offer you:

  • True comprehensive training through personalized assistance.
  • Academic projection and leadership relationships.
  • Bases to enhance your skills and develop your personality.
  • Momentous experiences in your life.
  • Space to turn values into personal convictions.

Altamira: SEP Agreement, Directorate General of High School Education: 10/655 (August 5, 2010)

Our commitment


We teach contents, procedures, attitudes, values and virtues according to our trainig purposes and international standards.


We take any opportunity to intervene in your training, helping you to recognize your gifts so that you can put them at the service of others.


We help you to cultivate your abilities, sensitivity, imagination and aesthetic faculties, so that you achieve an integrated personality.

Graduate profile

At the end of your studies, as graduate of IEST Anáhuac’s High School, you will have formed a firm character according to the national, cultural, social, moral and spiritual values that will help you to make decisions in life. In addition, you will have an academic and human capacity at an excellence level, which will allow you to move decisively towards the achievement of your goals.
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Academic life


The Anáhuac High School’s cirruculum seeks the formation of 4 aspects: Compulsory basic, work, propaedeutic and extracurricular training.

Spiritual formation

Spiritual formation through monthly masses, spiritual retreats, missions and being able to be a part of the IEST Anáhuac’s choir.


In the third year they choose between 4 specialties: Biochemistry, Physics-Mathematics, Business and Management or Social Sciences and Humanities.

Extracurricular activities

Every year the student will be able to choose between the following extracurricular activities: Cultural and Artistic, and Sports.


IEST Anáhuac High school students get certified in Microsoft Office (Excel, Powerpoint and Word) as well as TOEIC, with the option to get a TOEFL certification.

Vocational orientation

Vocational orientation starting at the 2nd year of high school.
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Our curriculum is designed to provide you with the required knowledge, skills and aptitudes to prepare you for your next step


It is an internal academic event in which students participate in declamation, literary creation, research, business, among many others. And thus, it allows you to prepare for the great international event “LiderA” in which the best students of IEST Anáhuac are chosen to represent us internationally, where more than 2,000 students from the sister schools participate, we are known for always being within the 5 places in each category that participates.
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Would you like a personalized advice?

We invite you to schedule a video call with any of our advisors so that together we can help you to solve your doubts and become part of our community.

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