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    In response to our students’ professional interests,
    Anáhuac University offers several leadership programs.

VÉRTICE – Anáhuac’s Excellence Program

Program of excellence for the holistic education of the best students. Those who, due to their high student performance and leadership skills, will occupy key positions in society and will be able to make positive transformations through their service. The program is comprised of the 80 best students of each generation, chosen from among all degrees for their talent and intellectual capacity. They participate in a series of activities aimed at their holistic training, with the purpose of learning to reason rigorously and develop all their abilities and leadership potential to the maximum.

ACCIÓN – Sports Leadership Program

Leadership program for students with an outstanding sportive performance that fosters the development of leaders with an excellent human education using their skills for sports as a key tool.

ALPHA - Medicine Leadership Program

Medicine Leadership Program that develops, shapes, and empowers in a holistic manner the leadership skills of medical students who wish to apply their tireless pursuit of good and truth in the positive transformation of medicine and society.

CIMA - University Leadership Program

University Leadership Program designed to maximize the qualities of students who stand out for their ability to relate, guide, motivate, convince, and engage other young people. It seeks the holistic education of students with human and social leadership, who are capable of occupying key positions in society and transforming it through their service.

CREA - Leadership in Communication Program

Anahuac Leadership in Communication Program that forms, develops and enhances the qualities and abilities of those who seek to communicate ideas, with the purpose of educating them as upright communicators able to face the contemporary world's challenges and develop human values in society through the transmission of messages and their professionalism.

CULMEN – Leadership in Arts and Culture Program

In Culmen we want to reach high objectives, to meet with the most outstanding figures of arts and culture; to "climb" to the last level that each member can reach, through personal effort and teamwork; to project students through the values that virtuosity endows us with by performing arts.

SINERGIA - Public Administration Leadership Program

Public Administration Leadership Program that seeks to train future leaders of civil society and public administrators, involving them in the political and international sphere so that - through a global vision, ethics and commitment to their society - they are able to transform their country.

GENERA - Business Leadership Program

Anáhuac’s Business Leadership Program that seeks to develop the entrepreneurial potential of its members through a global ethical vision and commitment to society.

IMPULSA - Leadership in Social Commitment Program

Leadership in Social Commitment Program that invites students with a sensitive social conscience and a firm desire to launch high-level projects to transform society.